The 2016 Dodge Journey from a Dealer Serving Las Cruces, NM: Meeting Features Expectations and More

For a car as bulky and large as the 2016 Dodge Journey from a dealer serving Las Cruces, NM or elsewhere nearby, you’d surely expect it to have a lot of nifty features inside–and you’d actually be right.

Fortunately, your expectations will be sufficiently met by this particular iteration, and maybe even exceeded. In a nutshell, it’s got the space that you need–up to seven seats–and the kind of performance that you want. It’s versatile and practical, and at the same time ergonomic and intuitive.

On Space and Storage

One of the strong suits of the 2016 Dodge Journey is its flexible storage space. You can have your pick from among various choices such as the 2-row and 5-passenger layout, or a 3-row, 7-passenger version.

Whether it is your child’s box of toys or your very own set of playthings (i.e. sports or camping gear), you can easily fold the rear seats to get you that extra space, reaching as much as 67.6 cubic feet. There are also other various cubbies and compartments that you can utilize throughout the car interior to keep everything organized but also within reach.

Creature Comforts

Going on long drives need not be a tedious, exhausting chore for the driver. The driver’s seat is equipped with a six-way power driver seat, coupled with a four-way power lumbar adjustment for guaranteed relief.

It also helps that temperature is very well regulated with the automatic temperature control. With the Three-Zone Automatic Temperature Control, every passenger in each of the three rows can easily adjust the temperature according to their comfort level. That’s an across-the-board consideration that scores huge points for this vehicle.

You can find out more about what else it has to offer. Determine for yourself if the 2016 Dodge Journey is the one for you.


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