The 2016 Dodge Journey from El Paso Dealerships: Performance and Storage for Everyone

Curious about the 2016 Dodge Journey that you pass by at your local dealer for Dodge in El Paso? You should be, because it does have more to offer than just its impressive, muscular body. Check out these basic details about it, and after that, make sure to drop by your local dealer to finally see it in person.

Quality Crossover SUV

It may not necessarily be the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of getting a family car, but it really should. It’s got the build and the space for carrying a lot of cargo as well as the entire family, after all. More importantly, it’s got the features that make it an ideal ride whether for the solo urban traveler, or the entire family.

You’ve got various options to pick from, so there should be no reason for you not to drive the model that suits your preferences and needs best. Get either the 173-hp, 2.4-liter four or the 283-hp 3.6 liter V-6. And then feel free to decide if you’ll get an all-wheel or all-front drive.

Spacious Interior

Since it claims to be able to fit an entire family comfortably, it’s only right that you look into the 2016 Dodge Journey’s storage capacity. You’d be glad to know that the interior can be outfitted with anywhere from five to seven seats, and that the storage can easily hold your luggage, groceries, sports equipment, and other cargo.

There are also plenty of additional little pockets and compartments all throughout the interior so that you can store your coffee mugs, your kids’ toys, and other items for entertainment (especially on long drives). The seats at the back are also foldable, so that you can get even more cubic space for more items.

Give it a test drive yourself. Take the time to examine the 2016 Dodge Journey at your loca dealership to make the right decision.


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