The 2016 Dodge Journey from El Paso Dealers: Impressive Even at the most Basic Level

The 2016 Dodge Journey is a strong contender for best-in-class among this year’s release of crossover SUVs. It strikes a clean balance between an SUV and a minivan, which actually makes it perfect for the multitasking family.

In fact, one of the more prominent indicators that this model is going to be worth your while is the fact that even in its most basic form, it already delivers impressive functionalities. If at that level, it can already meet and exceed your expectations, then imagine just how much  more you can get with the upper trim levels.

Impressive Base Standards

The base level of the 2016 Dodge Journey give you a 2.4-liter inline-4 engine, churning out as much as 177 horsepower. It also comes with a 4-speed automatic and front-wheel drive features. Of course, if you think that you’re going to need more than just that, you can opt for an upgrade with the 3.6-liter V-6, which should give you 283 horsepower, a 6-speed automatic transmission, and an option to get all front or all four wheel-drive.

If you’re conscious about fuel economy, you’ll be glad to know that the Journey’s base 4-cylinder engine with 4-speed automatic transmission delivers up to 19 mpg in city driving, 26 on highway, and 21 combined. If you’re getting the FWD models, you’ll see those numbers shift to 17 mpg for city, 25 for highway, and 19 for combined.

Technology Expectations

As for the technology and other creature comforts available on board, the base 2016 Dodge Journey will give you power windows, air conditioning, cruise control, push-button start, and locks and mirrors. On top of that, you also get a telescoping steering wheel, rearview camera system, entertainment system featuring an AM/FM/CD player and bluetooth functions, and more.

Again, these are just for the offered features on the base level. Visit Dodge dealers in El Paso so you can find out more about what the upper trim levels of the 2016 Dodge Journey has in store for you.


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