The 2016 Dodge Journey in El Paso: A Reliable and Remarkable Ride

Choosing an SUV today can be hard because there are so many great options available. However, if you are looking for something that is both efficient and powerful, you might look into the 2016 Dodge Journey. This modern crossover is capable of handling a lot, and it comes with features that make your journeys enjoyable and more unforgettable.

Tech-Oriented Features

Traveling to work or to a vacation spot can be enjoyable in the 2016 Dodge Journey because of all of the tech-oriented features it offers. In terms of audio, you get to work with six premium Infinity speakers, as well as a 368-watt amplifier and a subwoofer. That is a lot of bass you can take advantage of, whether you are listening to the radio or a customized playlist.

In terms of safety, this modern SUV has electronic stability control. During extreme maneuvers, this system helps regulate throttle and brake response. This helps you maintain control of your vehicle at all times, even if you are taking sharp corners at a fast speed.

Stylish Design

Right when you walk up to this vehicle, you’ll notice the stylish exterior. The tail lights feature LED lamps that make a circular pattern, almost as if it was a ring of fire. This is noticeable particularly at night. The sophisticated accents on the front give this SUV a distinct look.

If you would like to see what this Dodge in El Paso can do on the highway or in the city, visit a nearby dealership and take one for a test-drive today.


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