The 2016 Dodge Journey from Las Cruces, NM is a Car of Plenty

Everyone wants something that drives comfortably, and everyone wants something allows their passengers to sit just as comfortably, too. The good news is with the 2016 Dodge Journey, you can have both.

Plenty of Room for Passengers

With seating for up to seven people, you may just be promoted to chauffeur for your family and friends who, undoubtedly, will enjoy the low-back bucket seats and rear-reclining seats. For toddlers and small children, the second row seat is equipped with two child boosters. Better yet, for a soccer game, mini vacation, or your seven-foot tall friend, the second-row also has a 40/60 aft adjustment.

Plenty of Room for Cargo

There’s no doubt that you’ll spend most of your travel time in your 2016 Dodge Journey, so making sure that you and your passengers are comfortable in your vehicle is a must. Luckily, you get up to 67.6 feet of cargo room by folding the seats down. This is a huge convenience for moms with toddlers, guys with tools, or a family with fun on their mind.

Plenty of Time to Brake

Although color and style will definitely catch the eye, its safety that counts, and any Dodge dealership around Las Cruces, NM will agree. The 2016 Dodge Journey has advanced technologies like a four-channel brake system, electronic brake force distribution, and brake assist. These technologies monitor the speed of each wheel, regulate brake pressure, and assist in helping you stop more quickly.


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