The 2016 Jeep Cherokee from Las Cruces: A Primer of 9-Speed Transmission

Owning a car also entails ongoing costs, the most prominent of which is fuel. According to the Energy Information Association, the average American household spends about $1,962 on gasoline each year — this is certainly not loose change.

Fortunately, there are now technologies that increase fuel efficiency. One such example is nine-speed transmission engines, such as the ones found in the 2016 Jeep Cherokee.

The technology it utilizes is rather complex, but here’s a simplified explanation for it:

Imagine you had a piano that had only four keys. While you can certainly play music on it, the sound you create will certainly be limited — there’s just not enough notes available to create more sophisticated compositions with. You’ll almost always settle for a note that a bit higher or lower than your liking. Double the keys to eight, however, and all of a sudden a world of sound opens up for you.

The same principle applies to a vehicle’s transmission. With more gears in the engine, your car also has more speed ranges available to it. In other words, the car doesn’t have to operate at a higher or lower speed just because of gear limitations. It can now achieve smaller gear steps, which in turn ensures that your vehicle runs at the most fuel-efficient speed.

The great news is that leading vehicles have already adapted this fuel-saving technology. Take for instance the 2016 Jeep Cherokee, which can achieve 489 highway miles on a single tank.

To know more about this vehicle, drop by trusted Jeep dealerships around Las Cruces and surrounding counties. They’ll be more than happy to explain nine-speed transmission and the other slick features that this truck offers.


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