The 2016 Dodge Journey in El Paso: Fitting the Driver’s Every Need

Are you in the market for an affordable SUV that can cater to those long road trips with the family? The 2016 Dodge Journey is the car for you then. Visit a Dodge dealership in El Paso for a quick tour, and instantly get attracted to an SUV that has everything you will need.

Space with More to Spare

If there is one thing the 2016 Dodge Journey has in abundance, it is space. The car makes great use of its interior to provide room for everything and everyone.

It comes with an impressive set of seven seats that includes a flat folding front passenger seat. The second and third row seats are arranged stadium style, allowing for plenty of leg space. Even better, children can have special seats fitted for them, making sure that they will be safe and comfortable in the back of the car. These seats can be folded away to make space for adults, too.

The cabin has a generous size of 67.6 cubic feet, enough to pack everything required for the road trip and more. On top of all this, special storage spaces have been created under the front seat and on the floor of the back seats to ensure that you never run out of space in the car.

If all this does not satisfy your need for space, there is a spacious roof rack for your out-of-town gear that cannot normally fit inside.

If this is your ideal family car, and you would love to know more, pass by your local dealership for Dodge in El Paso, TX and test drive one today.


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